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06 June 2019

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Choosing Your Glacier National Park Wedding Photographer

Written by Kelly Kirksey



Choosing your Glacier National Park wedding photographer may be the most important decision you make. Out of the 12 or so hours all the wedding activities last, your wedding photographer is with you more than anyone else. After the wedding is over, the cake is eaten, the dress is taken off and the flowers have died, there is one thing left…your pictures. This is one of the most talked about hindsight decisions. “Oh, I wish I had just…”.

Here are five things to think about when choosing your wedding photographer.

  1. Are you a good fit for each other?

    No matter how talented the photographer is, none of it matters if you aren’t a good fit for each other. You’ll be uncomfortable, they’ll be uncomfortable, and your pictures will definitely show it. This is why you MUST meet or Skype/Facetime with a potential wedding photographer. You’ll definitely get a feel of their personality and how they do business. Listen to your inner voice if it’s telling you that something just isn’t right, and move on to the next one. More than anything the experience you have will color how you feel about your pictures.


  1. You really do get what you pay for!

    Glacier National Park Wedding PhotographyI know money is a sensitive subject. I am sure they exist, but I’ve never heard someone say they wish they had spent less on a photographer. The backdrops of Glacier Park weddings are something to be captured perfectly. This is one of the only times when getting a deal is NOT a good thing. Amazing photographers know their worth, they know what Uncle Sam is going to take, and they know what they’ll need to spend on equipment, editing software, training, etc. to do well at their business. Those who know what they are doing price themselves that way. So when you see a good deal, let the red flags rise and pay attention. Expect a good photographer to charge at least $2,000, and from there it will go up according to experience. The cheapest photographer is very likely to be the least qualified.


  1. Always, and I mean ALWAYS, ask to see a full wedding.

    I’ll be the first to tell you that every photographer only puts their best work on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. Which is fair – they want you to see their best work. Photographers aren’t trying to trick you, but there are certain images that evoke the best response. If a photographer doesn’t want to show you a full gallery, then that’s a red flag to move on. I haven’t seen it in the Flathead Valley, but you should be informed of photographers who show other’s work as their own. Plus, looking at a full gallery may give you some inspiration for your own wedding!


  1. What are others saying?

    Photographers usually have testimonials on their website which is great! Reviews communicate what couples should know prior to booking a shoot. Google is a really great place to read real reviews from other Bride and Groom’s experiences! Photographers don’t have control over it, so you’re more likely to get the full picture (pun intended). I have had brides ask for the emails of a few of my former clients and talk to them personally. I LOVE that! It’s best to hear it straight from someone who can share their experience at our Glacier National Park wedding venue.


  1. Know what you want before you ever start contacting photographers.

    What kind of shooting style do you want? Candid, photojournalism, romantic, or portrait? Or maybe you want a mixture. Do you like more trendy editing or are you looking for something more timeless? I am from a small community, but we will have every range of style imaginable, so check them all out. Figure out what lights up your heart. You’ll know!



Even if this list seems daunting, don’t stress! Use these tools and you’ll find exactly the right Glacier National Park wedding photographer with the right personality for you. You’ll come out with amazing pictures that will make you smile every time you see them!


Photography by: Kelly Kirksey Photography

Have questions? Feel free to reach out and we can help you plan your Glacier National Park wedding!