Glacier National Park Wedding Activities

Glacier Outdoor Weddings

13 October 2016

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Glacier National Park Wedding Activities

Everyone looks forward to coming to weddings, especially when they are in a place as beautiful as Glacier National Park. Getting out and enjoying all the activities in and around the park is a great way to spend time with your guest or keep them busy when you need to get things done.  Here are some ideas for group activities.

The Best Glacier National Park Wedding Activities

Group Hike –

Picking an easy hike with gorgeous scenery in Glacier is easy to do.  A few of the favorites are Hidden Lake and Avalanche Lake.  Both offer an easy trail that multiple ages and skill levels can enjoy.

Rafting –

A group raft trip will create memories for the entire group. Whether you want a calm float or an exciting whitewater adventure the Flathead Rivers bordering Glacier National Park offer something for any age.  If you would prefer to rent your own boats and make a leisurely cruise on your own Glacier Outdoor Center can rent you the boats and set up shuttles.  Rafting trips can also accommodate any size group.  Glacier Raft Company is happy to work with groups on any special requests.

Horseback Riding 

Getting to be a cowboy or cowgirl for the day may be just what your group is looking for.  There are several options for rides in and around the park.  Trips times go from 2 hours and up and can accommodate up to 17 riders at a time.

Glacier Park Boat Tours –

No matter what side of the park you are having your wedding there is a boat tour on one of Glacier Park’s stunning lakes.  Get a small group together and join a tour or you can do a private charter just for your group.

Red Bus Tour 

If many of your guests are from out of state and you don’t want to deal with the headache of trying to get multiple vehicles up Going-To-The-Sun Road the iconic red busses are a great choice.  These open top busses have been running in the park for many years and offer a narrated tour of Going-To-The-Sun Road.

Fishing –

For the avid angler to the most novice fisherman Glacier Anglers can set your group up.  With numerous options from group pond fishes to over 120 miles of river, there is a trip that can fit your guest’s needs.

Many of the companies in the area offer group discount for large groups so make sure you call around.  It is also a good idea to include a sign up for a few group activities in your invitation.  Whatever activity you choose to do with your group you can be sure you will have beautiful scenery and plenty of excitement.