Frequent Questions

How do I book my wedding with Glacier Raft Company Wedding and Events?

a. Contact us to check availability and make a reservation!

b. Email:

c. We will meet in person or email you to go over the contract.

d. Once you return your contract and deposit, we will save your date!

How late can our reception go?

At the Park View Pavilion, we have a sound cut-off time at 10 pm.  Should you wish to continue the party past then you are welcome to move into the Bear’s Den located under the Ridgetop Retreat, right next to the Pavilion.

Can we purchase the alcohol through a third party or does it have to be through Glacier Raft Company?

The state of Montana, per our liquor license, requires that all alcohol is to be purchased and served through Glacier Raft Company.  You will work with us on how you want the bar to be set up and what alcohol will be available to your guests. We work with local distributors to meet your bar needs based on their availability.

Is event insurance required?

Yes, we require you to obtain wedding insurance.  It needs to be 1 million per occurrence single limit liability covering property damage and liability with a two million aggregate.  You can get this online or through your homeowner’s insurance.

Does Glacier Raft Company provide catering services?

Glacier Raft Company does not offer in house catering services.  Outside caterers are more than welcome for any event on the properties and we are more than happy to help pair you up with one of the many talented catering companies in the Flathead Valley.

Do you have any required vendors?

All vendors are welcome on our property for events and if you need any referrals we would be happy to help.

Are there any decor restrictions?

Our main decoration restriction is that you can not put any holes into the wall and beams and that you will need to be mindful of any fire restrictions when it comes to open flame.  If you are planning on having candles please consult us about your plan for us to give the OK.

Is there a backup weather venue available?

In the chance of rain, your plan at the Park View Pavilion would be to move the ceremony under the pavilion.  For smaller groups, you would be able to fit a reception and ceremony space in the pavilion but for the larger events, the guests would need to sit around the tables during the ceremony.  At the Glacier Homestead you would need to rent a tent from one of the local rental companies.

Do you have more than one wedding a day?

There is only one wedding held per day.

Can we get a discount on activities with Glacier Raft Company?

We hope all of our guests take advantage of the opportunity to raft and fish while staying with us! Anyone staying in the cabins receives 10% off on any activity.  Larger discounts are available based on the group size.

How far is the Park View Pavilion from surrounding cities, airports, etc.?

Park View Pavilion is located ½ mile from the West Entrance to Glacier National Park and West Glacier Amtrack Station. It’s a 40-minute drive to Kalispell, Whitefish and Glacier International Airport (FCA). There is ample parking for all of your guests on-site.

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