Montana Outdoor Wedding Favor Ideas

Having an outdoor wedding in Montana provides you with some fun, unique options for wedding favors for your guests. After seeing so many cute ideas we decided to share some of our favorites.

1. Sunglasses – If you are having a summer wedding, inexpensive sunglasses can be a great wedding favor. Not only do guests appreciate the pair if they forgot theirs, but they also look super cute in photos. Try using a saying like “Don’t get blinded by our love” on the sign.
2. S’more Packages – Does your wedding venue allow you to have a bonfire? If so, having packages of s’more supplies or a s’more table can be really entertaining.

3.  Sparklers – Are you having your wedding near the 4th of July?  Providing bundles of sparklers are a fun way for guests to enjoy their evening.  An added bonus is you can get them to use them when you leave at the end of the night.

Glacier Raft Company Wedding Party Favor Ideas

4. Bug Spray or Wipes – If you are in an area where there are going to be mosquitos (especially near water), you may want to have bug spray for your guests.  You can put them in rustic baskets or have small bottles or wipes.  Consider using a saying like “be smitten, not bitten” or “only love bites not bug bites.”

5.  Flip Flops – Planning on having a lot of dancing or are you are having part of your wedding in the grass?  Having cheap flip flops in baskets by sizes is a fun way to give guests something they can use.

6.  Local Fruit or Jams – Giving your guests small bags of local fruit is a great way for them to experience something you love.  If you are having a wedding in the Flathead Valley consider using Flathead Cherries.

For more great outdoor wedding favor ideas and pictures check out our Pinterest page. Also, check out our website at  Good luck with all your wedding planning.

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